Still Around

I know it’s been a few days since I posted anything. But I’m still around, and I’m still working on the one story. I want to get this right – I can’t express to you how much this story means to me.

Meanwhile, I am doing other things.

Have you (if you have a Facebook) ever looked on the Others folder on your Facebook? I do, once and again. I’ve found some interesting things there. Not many. But I can honestly say – I think I’ve been hit on a bit. I mean, random guys. Based on what? My picture? Comments I’ve made places? It’s interesting to ponder, at least – but it’s really so long since they messaged me, there’s no point in replying. Just makes me shake my head.

I will jump back into the challenges come the start of next week. No reason, just because I’m done with the 30 Day Challenges, that I should stop. I really should find something to do for 30 days straight again. It was somewhat helpful. Set a personal goal, at least. No excuses.

I will leave you with something interesting, none-the-less. Some good music I was introduced to over the last year. I really wish I could have gone to their concert up in Buffalo this last March, but it wasn’t meant to be…

My favorite off their Megalithic Symphony – (warning – it’s LONG – 14 MINUTES! But well worth a listen!)

Oh hell – go here…. Knights of Shame – AWOLNATION

P.S. – working on getting the video embedded here right…


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