Some Music! – Link Lovin’ – June 20, 2013

I don’t have much to speak of tonight. I will have my entry for Theme Thursday up, hopefully, tomorrow. I’m presently putting pen to paper (took a moment’s pause for this) to work on it, as trying on my laptop just isn’t working. That’s okay, I prefer how personal putting pen to paper feels when writing things, I just use the laptop mostly because it’s more convenient, or because that majority of whatever I have in my head is nearly ready when it comes to mind. I love those pieces because it feels good to go “oh, I know JUST what I’m going to do for that!” But I also like the pieces I write out because I get to REALLY work and perfect them from the purest of materials. I’m already doing editing in my head for this piece (kinda part of the problem with typing it out), and I’ve had to shut up that part of my brain while I’m writing.

I am, however, going to share one link and a video with you tonight. Challenges will just have to be fit in during the morning or afternoon tomorrow (I was a little busy with something this morning, then working on knitting and crocheted projects this afternoon).

This evening my family and I went to listen to a band play – the next town over has a concert series over the summer, and my daughter and her best friend wanted to go tonight. As it turns out, the band tonight was the one, when I saw a list of the series, I wanted to see! Yay! So I got to listen to an awesome Aerosmith tribute band from Canada, named Mama Kin. I love that song. I wanted to know what it was when I saw that – and fell in love instantly. Besides, I mean, come on! It’s AEROSMITH!!!!! There were lots of people there, spanning at least 3 generations (my kids, mine, and my dad’s)! Aerosmith is a classic band! My favorite was dancing to “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” with my husband, because he made his silly comments for nearly half the song (before our son decided to try to get in the middle of us), and I was giggling the whole way! So, I’m leaving you with that song 😀


    1. Yes you did, thanks! Not totally buying into what it represents (or is fabled to), but I just don’t like the number!

    1. That does sound like quite a bit of a challenge – and one I may just be accepting! Thank you!

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