Writing and Evolving – Link Lovin’ – 6/19/13

I know it’s been a couple days since I sat down and wrote a Link Lovin’ post. My niece had a reaction to her vaccinations on Monday, so I had to watch my nephew and unfortunately the ER was a bit busy that night. I did not end up going to sleep until not long before they showed back up to get him. My daughter is a real sport, and really good with little kids. She sat with him right after he got here, and my nephew was asleep shortly after. She kept him safe when she went to lay down, and I have to say I’m proud of how well she does with little kids. I also had to pick them up to help out getting them to daycare this afternoon, and brought her along. Both of them were overjoyed to see her, and he even told his mom that he wanted to go to our house, not the babysitters. Their babysitter is great, and he was good with going once he got there – but it warms my heart to see how much the cousins love each other!

Last night, I was so beat from having been up so late the night before, I swear I was in bed before 11! And I got a lot accomplished yesterday around here, which was a real surprise considering how late I went to bed the night before!

But, today we pick the baton back up (I do have to do today’s 30 Day Challenges, but we’ll just fold today in with tomorrow’s), and go on with sharing with you what I have in my tabs at the end of today.

As you may gather from the title of this post, a good number of the tabs have something to do either with writing, or with Enlightenment. Britney is not the only one on the Enlightenment track – all of us lightworkers are! And out of love for the rest of humanity – we want to bring them right along with!

I have the mandatory writing sites up – Velvet Verbosity; Toasted Cheese; Trifecta; the base blog for Friday Fictioneers; a new one I’ll be doing, Theme Thursday; and another one I’m thinking of doing, The Mag.

I have had other select blogs, fellow bloggers on the Challenges I’m prompting from, but one specific other blog I have open is my friend Cindy’s, Here There Be a Writer. Because the other day she mentioned me in a blog post. I must not have been online when she posted, because I did not see it come through my Facebook News Feed! Bad me! I must be important, because she also mentions her beloved James (a writing mentor) and her husband, David.

I have metaphysical links open as well.

As I was browsing tumblr earlier today, I came across an article on one of the tumblr blogs I follow, WhatIRemembered, about the Marque de Sade. I have to admit I didn’t finish reading it, but it was interesting – and it’s open because I intend to finish! I’ll probably have to start over, not that I won’t remember what I read or where I was, but to go over the information again.

As I was watching my Facebook News Feed, I came across an article on Tantric Sex, a subject I’ve always been intrigued by. I have not shown it to the husband, and it doesn’t go into great detail, but it’s a good start, I think, for the novice (of which I am one).

I also have an article called “The Brainwave Spectrum and Binaural Beats“. This is something I have experienced when I have done some meditating. A good example of Binaural Beats is this video.  It’s also good for Chakra Cleansing, something I need to do again (if a video doesn’t appear on the blog, click the link below the red X):

Binaural Beats/Chakra Cleansing

I haven’t had much in the way of things I’ve listened to today, although I did start listening to a couple things. I’ve been mostly focused on getting out the 2 challenge posts you saw earlier.

Well, my evening is coming to an end and I still have one child to get to school in the morning. So this is it for tonight. I hope all those who are also heading to bed sleep well, and if you’re somewhere that your day is just starting – may you also have a good day!

Edits: Ooops, forgot the links, but now they’re up! Proper name for the beats, as well!

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