Gifting my talents – 30 Day Challenges – Knit, Crochet, and Tarot – Day 21 & 22

Nearly each question in this post has to do with gifting of my talents, whether it’s dealing with actual gifts or if it’s the fact that my talents are freely given and not paid for.

I took the day off yesterday because I had a day of training with my business. No, I don’t sell any of my wares yet, I went for my Market American business. I don’t mention it often here, but it is a business and a company I love, and it’s always full of energy at these seminars. I didn’t feel I’d have enough energy to write an post or two, but I did manage to write a poem using the image from a poem I wrote in September – yet another original one, without a prompt. It felt good, and I had to get what I was thinking about out. I think it helped, a lot.

Without further ado, Days 21 & 22 of the 30 day challenges I’m participating in:

Knit and Crochet

Day 21: Do you knit/crochet gifts for friends and family for the holidays or birthdays?

Yes, of course. This last Christmas, my sister and my best friend got a Wingspan scarf, I think I managed to make my dad yet another scarf, and I did make my aunt a scarf with a cable down the middle, though it’s not beyond me to take that one apart and turn it and the rest of the ball into a Wingspan as well, which will match the shawl I made for her back in 2011. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to figure out what I’m going to make her this next September!

Day 22: Have you ever stricken someone off your to-knit/crochet-for list because they didn’t appreciate/take care of your last knitted gift to them?

Yes, I have. My sister, because I didn’t think she appreciated the sweatshirt I cross-stitched on our high school’s name for her graduation present. Turns out she did, so obviously (as I mentioned her in the last question) she’s back on the list.


21. How do you feel when you do readings?

I usually feel pretty good, though lately very confused (for my own readings). If it’s a very clear reading, I feel happy, and if the cards are insistent upon telling me something (they have called me, insisting on a reading, before), then I feel energetic. I’ve had one reading specifically that I felt very nervous, so much so the person (who knows my pretty well anyhow) pointed it out.

22. Do you charge money (or other ways of compensation) for your readings/services?

No, since they are usually for myself or my friends, no money ever changes hands, and I’m not so sure I want to do any for money compensation just yet.


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