Lots of gratuitous knitting and crocheting – 30 Day Challenge – Knit, Crochet and Tarot – Day 20

Okay, not really. I should get pictures in here though. For example, I should include a particularly good example of Wingspan, the pattern I speak so often about – not the most recent, just one of my favorites:


Knit and Crochet

Day 20: Do you knit/crochet in public? Was anyone offended/incredibly happy/curious that you were doing so?

Yes. I usually get compliments and/or questions about my work, and I will often walk up to someone when I see them either working on a project or wearing something that looks exceptionally knitted or crocheted. I’m disappointed when I find out what they are wearing is a commercially produced/sold item. I can’t gush then, and when it comes to most garments, I think if they’re not handmade, they’re just not good. I’ve got live with it if they are and I realize that sounds really arrogant of me, and I’m trying not to sound that way, but I do prefer to see handmade items, so I can compliment the person who made it.

There was one descenter when it comes to my knitting or crocheting in public. This was back when I was in college, and not back to knitting yet. I would take a small project – usually a ball of yarn and hook so I could make yo-yos (which have since been tossed. Long story) – with, and when not taking notes – which is why I’d take a small project, such a quick one, so it wasn’t so bad when I put it down to write something – to class with me. Well, as a large part of the English portion of my English degree (I had to do core classes too, as it’s essentially a Liberal Arts college, and you have to have a well rounded education – so Math, Sciences, Philosophy, etc is part of the basis of my degree as well. The major classes were probably 1/5 to 1/4 of the actual classes I took. I never counted…) I took Creative Writing classes – which is where I fell in love with Flash Fiction, by the way – and it was only ever by one professor. We had critique sessions, where we’d go over about 3 to 5 students’ pieces for a particular assignment that we’d do an extensive amount of editing on, working to perfect it, and so this is during a critique class.

It came my turn to add my comments and, basically, I just didn’t put my hook down fast enough for her. So she yelled at me, right there, about doing that in class – saying I was distracted and distracting others. Actually, I find it helps retain information; my son needs that method, mine is just a much milder form of it.


20. Do you read for yourself and/or for others? Why or why not?

I thought this was asked before. I will do both, I will read for myself and I will read for others. The only time I won’t read for someone is if I feel their energy is too scattered. Not that the people I can think of that I think their energy is like that would ask me to do a reading, but I would definitely find some way to politely blow the off. :-\

I am also working on an entry for this week’s Friday Fictioneers, but I have to figure out why my computer is taking so long to update my Microsoft Office, which currently is a subscription so I can keep the Publisher program. Hope it’s not that I have to pay for it again! Not that they took the money before – ?????


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