Mostly Videos – Link Lovin’ – 6/13/13

As my incredibly inventive title suggests, the current tabs open as I end my day are videos. Referring to my 30 Day Challenge post for today, I keep the videos open in the background, and do whatever I’m going to do – whether it be surfing other sites (tho I can get easily distracted while doing that, reading one thing and listening to someone else talk in the background – I’ll miss things in one or the other that way) or knitting or crocheting.

What I’ve been listening to for the bulk of my video listening today – Crash Course on Youtube. So far I have listened to the English Literature and US History playlists.

A fun (and geeky, and heavy metal-y) one – Doctor Who Meets Metal. My guess is I’m going to be listening to a lot more of this guy’s videos in the future!

I’ve also been listening to a great deal of Mumford & Sons today – Awake My Soul used to be my favorite. Not sure how to make sense of the feels at the moment.

I looked through a great deal of other entrants into Trifecta’s Challenge for this week, but won’t be sharing who or what here – if you want to look at and read them, all you have to do is go over to that website. No need to rehash what’s already out there, tho I found it interesting that there are others who have story lines running in their challenges. Come to think of it – why should I be surprised??? It’s a great thing! My votes are already in, but I won’t tell you who I voted for (at least not, maybe, until after it’s over!).

And speaking of referring you to other people’s sites – I hope I haven’t stepped on any toes or made anyone annoyed with the fact that I have to refer other people here from my Blogger blog. I moved over here about 4 years ago, and have had a redirection post up for pretty much the whole time. When looking over there just on the curiosity of whether or not people ARE going over there, I saw that I had indeed had 43 views on that site (that’s more than I’ve had every day since I came back OVER HERE!!!). At least half of the blogs I come across are over there, and while I enjoyed the customization possible with the old Blogger, which is still there, I enjoy the look, feel, and ease of use I have here at WordPress. So I’m sorry about the redirection, but I love WordPress, so it was necessary. :-\ Maybe I should just start putting my blog address in the comments over there?

One thing I did grab while I was over there is my signature file. I will work hard to remember to use it at the bottom of my posts from now on, I love it! It’s actually kinda close to my own 🙂


    • I’ve been on WordPress for a while, LOL, as I moved over here from Blogger in 2009 🙂 I just recently come back to writing & blogging, tho, because I need to get my writing bum moving! Blog Surfer is a way to promote yourself, it’s a webpage that flips through registered blogs, real fast (your blog is up for just a few seconds, tho maybe if you pay it’s up for more, idk, I didn’t pay), that if it looks interesting people can click on your blog, and it will open in another page.

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