30 Day Challenge – Knit, Crochet and Tarot – Day 19

I’ve been able to get other writing done, as you can see by the previous post being my Trifecta entry (that, damn, I have to post! Had to turn my computer off between when I finished it and when I picked this post back up!), but I like sticking with these as well. So without delay, here’s today’s 30 Day Challenges. Enjoy!

Knit and Crochet

Day 19: Do you watch movies and/or listen to podcasts while knit/crochet? What are your favorite things to knit/crochet to?

The simple answer is Yes, when I’m knitting or crocheting, I’m at least listening to something, if not watching it as well (since I’ve been doing simple patterns lately, a 5×5 rib to turn into a wrap like my favorite LYS’s owner made, and the hat and Wingspan scarf I made for myself [all knitting of course], plus the poncho I’m working on for my daughter [crocheted]). For instance, today I listened to the full album of Mumford & Son’s Babel on YouTube, and the English Literature series on CrashCourse on YouTube. I’ll also pick up the needles or hook while we’re watching Doctor Who or Torchwood. I’d say the videos I surf through on YouTube are my favorite things to listen to. I don’t listen to many books on tape (or in mp3 form, The Law of One being the last), because I prefer to read the printed words myself.


19. Do you feel/think the cards “think” or have their own consciousness? What do you believe makes the cards “tick?” (Is it magic/outside influences or all in the mind?)

I think the cards are a consciousness on to itself. I can’t say that it’s me or a “separate” entity, but I also believe what powers them is connected to the stream of thought I have – it can read it or experiences it right along with me – but if I really view it as all myself is some sense, then yes it’s really just me. Doesn’t explain why I feel I’m having a difficulty on my own readings, though I do have a theory on that.


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