Looking in on the community – Link Lovin’ 6/12/13

It’s time to let you know what I’m reading tonight, so that I may clear it out. I go through a lot of different links during the day, but I want to give you a snapshot of what I’m thinking and looking into at the end of the day. I think it’s really good for me, as I’m taking this time as the day winds down to consider what my intentions are for not just tomorrow, but onward into the future. I’m looking forward to this Saturday, when I will be going to some local training for yet another one of my loves, Market America. You can check out my shop.com site by using <<<<<—– that link, or the one in the sidebar to your right. The best thing about that business is that there is no competition…

And come to think of it, there really isn’t any in the writing world either. But, when you join a challenge, someone has to get the biggest heads up, right? And a contest, someone has to win, yeah? So, you build a network, understand you’re richer for reading everyone else’s work, since it gives you perspective and insight into what others do, and what you can do to grow as a writer. And, you support others, while they support you.

I think that was some really great work on reframing an idea – competition – a word I probably shouldn’t use. Now that I think about it, because of that and it’s negative connotation, I’m going to change the title of this post, so only here will you know that it was originally “Looking in on the competition”. Sure, you may only be able to read one book/story/poem at a time – but why look at it as a competition? Just like in MA, why can’t your success or my success be shared mutually? There’s a lot of reframing that needs to be done with this whole culture/society, but that really is a post for another day…

On to who I’m looking into at the moment….

For the most part, the links I have open are the other members of the Trifecta community. If you want to see them, I encourage you to go over there and take a look. I’d just be rehashing what’s already there and it would be, frankly, redundant.

I’m also looking into the wonderful people who have recently commented on or liked my blog. It feels nice to see my followers number tallying up. I will have you know, I follow pretty much every person who comes over to visit and likes a post, comments or follows me, as well as every person whose post I read for the challenges I enter (or plan to. Editing for Trifecta has yet to be seen!). I know from past experience, not just as a blogger but also a reader, that it’s a good habit to do that, to answer comments promptly (I’m really starting to come over here again to read what’s on my stats and comments page as much as I’m on Facebook, which is good practice I think if I want to get my name out and get my work out there); I know I always felt good when a comment I made is well received and quickly responded to.

I can’t really find the new ones I followed that have recently added me to their follow list – I’m gravely sorry – I think I looked through all of you this afternoon!  Those I didn’t keep track of.  KNOW THAT YOU WERE READ AND ACKNOWLEDGED.  And give me a nudge in the comments if you see fit!  🙂

But, to give you one more link, I will include the most recent click through from Facebook, so you can get an idea of what I like to read and learn about.

Mind Blowing Science Stumpers

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