It’s all in the Process – 30 Day Challenge – Knit, Crochet, and Tarot – Days 17 & 18

You may notice that I no longer have Writing listed as one of the challenges I am doing. I’ve decided that, since a lot of what I’m doing other than these challenges is focusing on my writing, and I’m making a lot of my blog posts about writing in one form or another (promoting myself and others, posting entries for various prompts, etc), there’s no reason to add it to these posts as well. Also, frankly, if you recall, I didn’t do the prompts for the last couple posts of challenges. So, executive decision (since I’m the only one around here who has the right to make them on this blog – I’m the only one writing this blog!), out with that as a part of these challenge posts! 🙂

Several of these questions seem to be about the process of the craft – a lot of the Tarot ones actually have been, and the knitting and crochet ones are very specifically about aspects of the process of those crafts. It’s arguable that with all 3 challenges, ALL of the questions or a large portion of them are about process, but that’s just a technicality if you ask me. 😛

Knit and Crochet

Day 17: Have you ever had a project that you loved become ruined? What’s the story behind it?

I’ve had a crochet project that got snagged and fell apart. I made a mother daughter matching sweater set when I was in college for my English degree, and both of them got snags. Mine more recently than hers, and she grew out of hers pretty fast. It was way back when she was small enough that I could still dress her in what I wanted, now there’s little chance I’d be able to get her to be okay with that, as she’s definitely got her own fashion sense.

Day 18: Do you knit English or Continental?

I had to look this up. The main component in the difference between the styles is now you hold the yarn and what you do with it. Upon looking this up, I found that I was right in my recollection of what my method of knitting is – I knit Continental. I’m not able to knock English knitting, I think it’s just simple either how I learned it, or I knit as I do because I am more practiced at crocheting than knitting, and holding the yarn in my left hand, as you do in Continental knitting, has always been easier and made more sense to me. Also, it may be that “throwing” the yarn, as you do with English knitting, instead of what I see as more guiding, which is what I tend to do with holding the yarn in my left, seems to me to be a bit of a waste of time and energy. However, if you have learned to knit English style, or that is the style you want for whatever reason, that’s great.

For a video showing the differences, go here.

For an article explaining the difference, you can go here.


Day 18: Do you crochet English or American?

At first, I thought this question was about how one holds the crochet hook, not unlike the previous question about knitting. But, upon researching the question (you know putting “knitting English or American” into Google), and double checking the website I got the questions from, as the results weren’t as I expected, I realized the question here pertains to the patterns, and not holding the hook. So, the answer to this question is that I crochet American. The difference is the naming on the stitches. And the simple reason for the way I crochet, or the patterns I use, is that I have more access to patterns using the American method of naming stitches than I do the English way. If I were to pick a pattern that the person had designed in the English method of naming and didn’t provide a “translation” of the stitches needed, it might be a bit confusing for me, and I’d really have to think – not really something I want to be doing as crocheting (and knitting, of course) is a relaxation habit for me.

To see a simple chart of the 2 different methods of naming stitches, go here.

That being said, I will also answer the question I at first thought this was asking. I use the Knife method. I think the reason for that is when I picked up a hook, that was the way it fit best in my hand. I think I’ve tried to crochet in the Pencil method before, but I think it cramped up my hand too much – and as I do like to write a lot of my stories out before I making text files out of them, I can tell you for a fact, even if I hadn’t tried to crochet that way before, it would definitely cramp my hand! 🙂

An excellent How To on holding a crochet hook is here.


17. Do you do readings using reversals? Why or why not?

I tend not to. The difference comes in either when I’m doing a spread that specifically says to read them if they are reversed, or if the feeling during that reading is to read them while they’re reversed. The thing of it is, I don’t often have cards come up reversed. I don’t know if that’s how I’m shuffling them (the idea for that is how it says to shuffle cards in the book my best friend gave me that she received from her grandmother), or if that’s just how the cards are talking to me. It could be that when I come across a reading where I’m a bit confused about the placement of the cards (as often happens, usually when I’m doing a reading for myself), that’s the reason – that the card is supposed to be reversed. Maybe I should go back to a reading I recently did for myself, and look at the cards that confused me the most and look at them as if they are reversed. Also, I know some card description booklets give meanings for when the cards are reversed, as in the book I’ve previously mentioned, and my friend Cindy’s deck, but mine doesn’t.

18. Do you feel a “connection” to your cards?

I felt a very strong connection to the last deck I had of the one I have now, but there are some times (again, usually just when I’m doing a reading for myself) when I seriously question that idea. I would love for a friend to give me a deck, as it is supposed to be better when it’s a gift and not when you buy it yourself, but I don’t want to push that on them either – I did hint to a friend about it before, but I’m not trying to demand. I see that as akin to buying it yourself. I’ve often wondered if this deck is actually meant for my male best friend, as it gives him WONDERFUL readings, (not as in just really good stuff, but really accurate – he’s made a comment to the effect of it likes and knows him really well, and he was with me when I bought them, so who knows?), but until I get another deck, this is the one I will be using. I love it, the images and everything, so I’m rather hesitant to give it away anyhow. Again, tho, I feel as if wanting someone to give me another deck may in fact effect the connection I have with any deck I may receive from them. If I get another deck, tho, I really do feel a strong sense that it would be a good idea to give him mine. No strings attached (as with the rest of our friendship – I make no demands, and I give my friendship freely.).


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