Old photos – 100 Word Challenge – Dusky

My entry for the word Dusky in the 100 Word Challenge at Velvet Verbosity’s website.

I’m so excited that I have finally been able to sit down and participate in one of these! Of course, I missed the deadline for this one as it was still brewing, but I sat down today and managed to bang out not one, but 2 of these puppies! Actually, this is one of the first times in a really long time that I’ve really sat down and tried, so the fact that I was able to do it, do it so fast, do it well AND be able to get it to still fit into the Clifton Saga is just freaking amazing!

Sheila put the box on the table. Picking up the frame on top, she wiped at the film of dirt, covering her fingers in black streaks. Knowing what was beneath made her heart swell. The memories flooded back, destroying the wall blocking out everything about those eighteen months.

She picked up the journal, leafing through the pages. Even if she wrote every night, she wouldn’t have captured the beauty of what they had.

Now she was reunited with her son, his family, and her one true love.

She put them down and smiled.

They were writing a whole new story.

I hope you enjoyed that, and don’t forget to go over to Velvet Verbosity’s site to see what the other entries are. This week is the word is Sainted, and as soon as I do a bit more fiddling with it, I will have my entry up. 🙂

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