Link Lovin’

So, how is it that I’m going to get myself out there and known? By spreading the word, of course! How do I do that? By pushing myself on others? No, I don’t think I have to do that. By letting my friends know I need the help? Yeah, that would be great, but since they already know how great I am, they should already know they should promote me, right? I’ve got to promote them, too – and I do, my friend Cindy’s in the Blogroll to your right. But I really should promote more. So, go read her stuff. Now.

Anyhow, I was clicking through links the other day, as I tend to do – open up various tabs, click this, click that, flip through tumblr, links from links I click through Facebook – and I came across a really great article. It’s this guy, Zack, who has a blog on Photography Q&A. I believe I came across it on Terry Border of Bent Objects‘ feed on Facebook, as he’s a photographer whose work I’ve been following for many years – if you haven’t looked at him before, I suggest you take a look! – and figured, since my daughter’s an artist and wants to focus on photography, why not take a look at it. I’m sure I can pick up some good advice for her.

What I came away with was good advice not so much for her, but for me. I’ve really heard this before (I’ve heard so much that has come across my metaphysical table lately, I can’t even tell you, but I like the reinforcement, I feel it’s good. But not to the point where it’s beating you over the head to get you to listen), but it’s good to get it from a fresh perspective, such as another medium, to get it into your head what you need to do. There it says, if you want something, go after it. No holding back. Do what you must – even if it hurts some – to really get you where you want to go. Find where that is. If you have to try some different things out, okay, but once you find it, go with it. Pack up and leave if you must (other than moving into our own home when we find it, there’s fat chance of that for me right now, but still – Go West Young Man. Or East. Or North. Or South. Or To Africa. Wherever you’re moved to go.).

Point and shoot – and you know, how that applies to me – sit down and write. I’m going to find my writer’s journal soon, but until then – I’m starting to look for the challenge/prompt sites. I’m going to go looking for contests to enter again. I’m alive like no other time when I do those. I’m alive when I knit or crochet, too, feeling that little bit of burning in my soul – but the feeling with writing is a high; with knitting or crocheting it’s a calming effect. Writing’s an upper (with a very mellow, non-damaging let-down) and knitting’s a downer (with little no depressing after effects).

Not just write, though. What I have to do is read. And not just read books (although, that is a good thing 🙂 ), but read other people online. And follow others – if I want others to follow me (and I have gotten followers here and there, but I want MORE! Is it wrong to want more???), then I have to follow them. And not just the ones I’ve already followed – others, along the lines, when I click through links, that I find interesting, and I want to read more from. I’m just having a hard time finding a blog reader that will give me the kind of features and ease of use that I want. Bloglines doesn’t stay logged in, and Bloglovin’ seems to complicated – and I can’t find how to do an OPML file to transfer from Bloglines to Bloglovin’! UGH!!!

Anyhow, enough with technical issues – why am I doing all this expostulating? So that I can tell you – every night, at some point, I’m going to let you know what I’m looking at. Maybe you’ll find someone you find interesting. Maybe you’ll start thinking I’m a crackpot. Hopefully, I might give you a laugh, or something to think about. Or maybe I’ll just give you a lot of crazy links, like I’m sure lots of other people have done, of “oh this is interesting – list list list”.

But I want to share, and get to know others, and have others get to know me so that, when I go and make a move to publish, my book doesn’t JUST get tossed by the wayside. I’ll be at least a little bit known! And not just by those who love me and already know how wonderful I really am! 🙂

Some are challenges or some kind of prompt, like these:

The most recent post of VV’s 100 Word Challenge (where she answered my comment letting her know I’m returning!)

Trifecta‘s website – another challenge blog, where I have gotten compliments from before, when I participated in the VV/Trifecta cross challenge, back in November.

Yeah Write! – someone I’ve been following a bit on tumblr, with writing prompts and maybe someplace I’m going to try submitting to.

Most of tonight’s are other writers:

My challenge partner from the Trifecta/VV cross challenge – I wanted to see what she was up to! 🙂

Book to the Future – this is a click through, but I think it’s someone I found through another writer who I found interesting, who had liked a post or followed my blog.

Every Day Another Story – another click through, I believe. Interesting all the same.

This Wonderful Life – another click through, though she could have liked my blog or a post first. Looks like she’s a new blogger, so she’ll need all the followers she can get!

With 4 out of 7 that I’ve shared, yeah, other writers win out tonight. Tomorrow, heaven knows where my clicking adventures might take me. I might share with you about interesting facts I’m looking at, ideas I’ve been exploring, or just funny things I’ll let you in one.

Well, Good night and sweet dreams, it’s time for this girl to go to sleep so she can bring in Rice Krispie Treats for some second graders in the morning!

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