Day 11 – 30 Day Challenges – Knit, Crochet, Tarot and Writing

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Today is Day 11. 11 is such a great number – a power number and even MY power number. Because it happens to be my life path. One day I’m going to have to write an article exploring the wonder of the number 11, which will probably be pointing you in a lot of different directions! Now, onto the reason for this post – the Challenges!


Do you have a “Knitter Hero” and/or “Crochet Hero” or someone that is just way too awesome for their own good? Do share!

For Knitter Hero, I’d say I have 2 – my grandma, who taught me to knit, and my friend (that I believe I mentioned last challenge post) who owns my favorite LYS and goes to my church. Other than that, I can’t say I have a Knitter Hero that is necessarily internet based (tho my friend is on Facebook – I’m just not going to share her name or Facebook page because that would be a violation of her privacy).

As for Crochet Hero – well, I’ve always thought Crochet Dude was pretty awesome – I think I can almost say I knew him before he was “famous” because we were on a Yahoo crochet group together. I doubt he would remember me, and I’m pretty sure that group is closed – even if it’s not, my involvement in it is over. Sort of a hero would be the lady I picked to be my co-owner on the WNY_Crocheters list, who has taken it and done so many other things with it, including opening yet another group, whose name escapes me now (but she can go right ahead and yell at me if she reads this and tell me what it is, because I forgot and I think I’m too lazy to go look on Facebook for it [I know, in the time I wrote that, I could have gone to look. But I’m not active at all in that group…]).


What spread to you use most often/prefer and why?

Celtic Cross. It’s the one I watched my friend, Cindy (yes, there you can click through to see her blog – she’s a writer too! And she’s good, even tho I’m bad and haven’t read her things like I should. Her pain really is punishment enough for me. I guess I know what I’m doing after Torchwood [you’ll see that later]), use the most when she does readings for me, and it’s the one I get the best readings with. I received a book on Tarot that my best friend had gotten from her grandma a long time ago, and I prefer now to use that Celtic Cross spread instead of the one I first found online here when I came back to reading Tarot. I’ve also used various Relationship spreads (one being the Mirror Spread – very interesting readings, indeed!), one called Ellipse, and a Year Ahead Spread – that should actually be 2, but I fussed when I didn’t like the way the spread looked at New Year’s, and instead only did one I stuck with for my birthday.


Waaaaa???? There is no Day 11 on the list! What am I to do? *runs around, confused* What to do? WHAT TO DO? *stops and takes several deep breaths into a paper bag*

I know, something I’ve been wanting to do – I’ll share with you what I listen to at night before I go to bed. At one point I started meditating before I go to bed (and I do intend to go back to that, but I’d much rather do it in the morning). However, while I’m not doing that now, I do still tend to listen to SOMETHING off of Youtube every night. One of the things a good friend got me into is listening to videos on interesting, often metaphysical, topics – so I have several channels that I am subscribed to, and I will sit down and see what’s new that’s been posted there, and often end up surfing through the recommended videos that they post down the side.

The star of last night’s selection is a recording of at least one lecture Alan Watts gave on The Spectrum of Love. While I didn’t listen to all of it last night (it’s sitting now for me to finish once I get done watching an episode or two of Torchwood with my husband. I’m a real Whovian now, so I’m [im]patiently waiting to be able to see the most recent season [7, I think] of Doctor Who [I’ve got a special video to show you that I watched on that, too], and Torchwood is the next best thing to fill in that void. After all, it’s got Capt. Jack Harkness – probably my favorite companion. The girls are nice and all, but….he’s….just so dreamy!), I posted it right away, and yet again this afternoon, as a lot of what it says are things I’ve learned in life and in college, and of course thought through myself.

The Spectrum of Love

An interesting article to pop up on my tumblr feed as I sat and wrote this:

Six Types of Love

As I mentioned before, an interesting video on the idea that Doctor Who might actually be a religion! (my response – YES!)

Doctor Who as – GOD?!?!?!? (not quite….)

Finally, on the idea of religion and spiritual philosophies – which you have to admit, this portion of this post has turned into a good documentation of such things, as that’s the focus of what I’ve been writing about, really – a short exploration of the Tao of Nic Cage. I like him, too, in that odd sort of way. Almost pulled up one of his movies after I watched this (but instead I clicked through to other things, because it was 11pm and I just wanted to get to sleep soon!):

Tao, YOLO and Nic Cage

That’s it for now, I guess, unless you want to see something with Sherlock Holmes and 50 Shades of Grey. I haven’t read that book yet, it’s (believe it or not) not really something that interests me (I like sex and my tastes are quite different, but somehow – just not interested. If I want to some day write erotica, tho, maybe I should see what sells to the mainstream?). Heck, I’ll just post it….

Sherlock & 50 Shades

New things you’ve learned about me this post – I love Doctor Who, find Nicolas Cage interesting, I like listening to metaphysical based material (reading it too, of course!), exploring DIFFERENT spiritual ideas, my sexual tastes leave you scratching your head wondering what they are, and I’m into Sherlock Holmes, but not reading a lot of erotica, tho I’d like to write it.

Oh yes, and, as always, you can also find this on tumblr!

Have a good day! 🙂


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