Day 9 – 30 Day Challenges – Knit, Crochet, Tarot, and Writing!

Remember, this is DAY 9!

Knit and Crochet (the questions are the same, so I’m just putting them together)

What fiber or yarn do you love working with?

When I knit, because I happen to have a fascination with the Wingspan pattern, I prefer sock yarn. I CAN make socks, too, but I LOVE that pattern. When I crochet, I prefer thread, tho I will use just about anything! 🙂 (haven’t used plastic bags yet, tho!) And for the most part, for the majority of projects, I use worsted weight yarns.


What card do you pull the most often? Why do you think that is the case?

Wow. I’d have to go and look at my records (one of the few things I manage to keep pretty good track of is what I pull in readings. But that’s probably because I don’t do THAT as often as I should. Which, really, is every day because I should really be building a relationship with my cards.). But, really, there is no one card that stands out as a card that I draw often. I think it’s still pretty even between all of them.


What was your favorite childhood toy?

There are several toys that stand out as being favorites at one point in time or another. There are few that still make my heart race (happily) just to think of them. Two that stand out are the set of wind-up trucks I got for my birthday not long after my sister was born (she was 5 months at the time, not too much older than my niece right now). I remember, we hadn’t left the house we were living in at the time yet, because I distinctly remember being upstairs in a bedroom once when I was playing with them, I’m thinking on my birthday, on a nice sunlit morning, still in my nightgown. Tho, I wouldn’t know what time I would have opened them on my birthday, so it could just as easily be a memory from the next day or days later. About the same age, I also got a Tonka dump truck. I don’t have as solid a memory of playing with that, but I remember just what it looked like, and I do remember I liked it a lot. Overall, I remember my set of not quite Legos – small building blocks like Legos, but different sized (just a bit – enough that they certainly didn’t line up with Lego blocks), and those lasted until at least my daughter was old enough to play with them. Where exactly they are right now, I can’t quite tell you. Any of the toys.

You can also see this posted on tumblr! I will also be doing another challenge, of which today will be Day 2, over there exclusively, another posted by the same person who posted (I think even devised) the Tarot challenge I used here.


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