30 Days of Tarot – Days 1 & 2

30 Days of Tarot – Days 1 & 2
Ooooh loooooook….they have it in tarot too. Since it’s already Day 2, I’ll just do both in this past….

1. What introduced you to/got you involved in Tarot? – Since I had started on an alternate spiritual path (from Christianity), about when I was 18 – didn’t delve into it much until I was in my 20’s, trying to figure out who what and where – but I needed a “divination tool” – not like someone said I did, but I wanted one. And I was drawn to the tarot. I deviated from the alternate path back onto Christianity, and now I’m sorta back onto the alternate one – I don’t really consider it an alternate path, I just no longer prefer to define myself as any one thing, my beliefs come from a lot of different directions, Christianity is justRi one of them. And you’d think it would have to be a big one, b/c I was after all raised Lutheran. :-\

2. What was your first deck and why/how did you get it? – Pretty sure it was my old Rider-Waite deck – I had 3 by the time I was “born again”, all of which I tossed – Rider-Waite, Winged Spirit Tarot and a Native American deck. I want the ones I don’t have back….:-(

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