30 Days of Crochet AND Knitting

Double whammy for you, my friends – I will do the 30 Days for both Knitting and Crochet – since I do both! 🙂 Here goes!

Day 1: What was your first finished project?

Crochet – A name blanket (oddly enough) – which I only call it that b/c I put my name in it! So, was it the first colorwork too? It had many different panels, that I did in many different directions – it was 20+ years ago, so I don’t have any pictures from then, but it is entirely possible that I could take some, b/c I’m pretty sure I still have it! Somewhere :-\

Knitting – It would definitely have to be a scarf. I wouldn’t have any pictures of that, either. :-\ But it was much more recent, as I may have known how to make the stitches since I taught myself to crochet, but I never really was that interested in getting it right until about 5 years ago. When I finally taught myself to cast on.

I won’t be doing another one, for the 2nd, right now – it’s just after midnight, so I have all day to catch up!

Also posted on tumblr! You might find it interesting over there – WordPress is great, but there are interesting things I’ve posted there, considering the ease….like pictures of recent projects, etc. Enjoy!


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