I have an excuse!

I feel horrible about not posting this as soon as it was available, but I really do have a very good excuse! Things in my life have gotten very interesting – this weekend was a whirlwind and, while I’m being strong right now, I’m going to have to break down and feel what pain is possible with it.

I got a rather heartwarming kudos by a new writing friend, who I instantly had the same kind of respect for upon reading her work, on my Team Member’s post. She is just as talented at this endeavor as she said she feels that I am. She completed our piece so well that my only response upon reading it was – PERFECT – It immediately brought tears to my eyes, and does during every reading.

Here is her submission, and please tell me if you don’t agree! (actually, don’t tell me you don’t agree, because I know you’ll be lying. Like I said, it’s PERFECT!) – Draug, Team One, Team Member B’s Submission.

After reading the comments already there, I wanted to say that, despite my novels in comments (and before and after prompt responses), I LOVE the 100 Word format. I love dialogue best for it, what better way to show it than to say it (tho sometimes people can go overboard)? But action is good too. Paring things down to give the most dramatic punch is challenging and fun!

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