I AM trying, I really am!

I think I am even somewhat successful!  I’m not trying to get on here often (sorry), with all the computer juggling and wondering if my computer will work or Tom’s or what, it’s just so much easier to worry just about my Facebook, Twitter is easier to access here on my phone, and I’m always adding or removing apps depending on what I like, don’t like, download to try or what have you.  And then there’s if our cell bill gets paid, on time or not, and our cable bill (so far so good on that one).

But it’s not as if I’m not busy.  I’m still working on shawls from the Knitted Lace pattern book, and this year I decided to try container gardening again.  My favorite plants are the ones out back, which include several pepper plants (green ones, but orange and yellow too, plus a red one, which are my favorite kind).  Here’s that sweet trio:

Gardening in containers
Cucumbers, Peppers and Zucchini (if I'm lucky)

That’s at their beginning.  They are getting bigger:

Trying to container garden!
Are they much better?

But the real reason I do container gardening is my past success with tomatoes.  This year I decided to do those with the Topsy Turvy planter.  I was going to go with 2, but only managed to get 1 finished and my strawberry planter (omg you need 15[!] for that – I don’t recall seeing THAT on the box) with the energy and time I had.  The other one wilted, but I have it for next year!

Tomato plant in Topsy Turvy outside my front door.
Tomato plant in Topsy Turvy outside my front door.

My favorite tomatoes on this plant so far have got to be the ones on the very bottom:

My Favorite Tomatoes on the plant
My Favorite Tomatoes on the plant.

These are my strawberries.  I suck at making sure to water them—but by strange coincidence have been able to set up a method to make sure I have a certain amount of water that I try to bring out twice a day.  The plants in back, unfortunately, still aren’t so lucky.  :-/ :

Recuperating Strawberries
Recuperating Strawberries

I’ve also played around with my sewing machine & fabric, with a pattern completely off the top of my head – it was a prepared fabric, the kind WalMart’s been selling with the…whatcha call it?…not ruffling, but the fabric’s all sinched up for a bodice.  Of course it was ladybug fabric that caught my eye, and I know both my co-designers were with me with the hubs there & my mom in spirit, almost talking in my head.  The rest was my idea-the panel I had to put in the back because it was a remanent and there wasn’t enough to go all the way around, with matching straps.  I still have to figure those out so they lay flat & cover my bra:

Freeform Ladybug Shirt
Freeform Ladybug Shirt
Better Look at Shirt Fabric
Better Look at Shirt Fabric

There is other fabric I like at the store, long enough to be a dress.  It would end up being as much as a store bought dress, but it would be all my work.

I need to get back into the swing of writing, but I am doing better cleaning (somewhat).

Wish my luck at getting back on here, and especially getting back to writing.  It really is troublesome—my laptop has decided to quit working all together again, and while my hubby recently bought a new computer, it’s because he bought it to be part of the media center he’s setting up around his awesome 3D big screen tv.  So everyone is using it—mostly for the pS3, but also for regular television, the Wii and for all 4 of us to have access to the computer.  UGH!


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