Am I in trouble? – Health “maybe” (Part 1)

Well, hot damn, I guess this was a great big maybe, now wasn’t it?

However, I am here. I CAN remain consistent with something, and I WILL prove it to you.

For instance, the girls in my Girl Scout troop are getting into doing charity walks (with my daughter, that’s more “being forced by mommy”, but who is counting? It’s a good program, good for her, and she needs the stability. Though there is some of that….we won’t go into it.). Last year they did a local one, the Laurel Run, in July. Myself and one of the other troop leaders/mothers told the girls we’d join them this year. We have just over 9 week (9 1/2, roughly) to train for this—both of us have downloaded the Couch to 5K app, and we should both be done with Week 1 Day 2.

It feels good to be exercising again! I started last week. In part it was to “stomp out” some frustration on a personal on-going issue, but also it was finally time to start this training. And so I did, last Wednesday. I didn’t start with the C25K app though. I started by taking a walk first. Several. To get my stamina up, or at least make sure I didn’t get beat up by hitting the ground running without my body being used to moving. So I went for nearly a week of walks—and it’s a good thing I did! Because that first day, where I walked 2 miles, I felt like SHIT (sorry, but who really said this was a family friendly site? Not me!), and I hurt. But by Sunday (Mother’s Day, where I went walking with my whole family), I was feeling GOOD when I walked, and especially after. I was motivated to start the C25K app when the other mother/troop leader started hers, on Monday. Gotta catch up. I’m competitive, sometimes.

Okay, and I have to be honest. Half of why I started when I did with the walking was so I can have the energy to clean this place, and not feel half asleep all the time. Because energy begets energy. Now to be motivated and want to change how the place looks. Hell, I just want to change the place!

Now the only thing I’ve got to do is figure out what my weight is. Today I plan on going up to dialysis (first time I’ll have been there since mom passed) and get my ass weighed so I know where I’m starting from.

What I’m excited about, right now, is that I found a great website where I can log my workouts, see the changes in fitness, improvements in time and what have you—and, I just discovered today, log in all those things that I would keep track of on the Weight Watchers site when I was doing it—food, water intake, etc. I already knew weight was included in your profile, but this makes me happy. The site is MapMyFitness—I was looking for something I could map my routes with, to come up with ideas of where to go, etc, and found this. It’s not just for walking or routes, either. I LOVE the site and the app, though my GPS will give me fits—but that’s okay. Once I’ve completed a workout, I can come home and edit that workout on the site, so it more accurately approximates the actual workout! 🙂

And I’ve called for the follow up appointment for the GI scope. That’s one the 1st. I also have a general doctor’s appointment on the 31st, and I have to make a gynecologist appointment as well. That may be Part 2. I know I’m not done, either with reporting my fitness progress or with figuring out my health problems 🙂

I just know I’m not crazy 😀

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