100 Word Challenge – Bathed – 05/03/2011

A little late, maybe; I just let time slip by on me. Hopefully I will have the next entry for the 100 Word Challenge up by the deadline of Saturday. Enjoy this one for now, it’s another installation of the Clifton Saga:

Even though she was pale, bathed in the light from over her hospital bed, Sheila took Lee’s breath away. Through all her love, loss and sacrifice, the years had still been kind to her.
Out walking after she fell asleep, Lee found Phillip weeping in the waiting room. Their talk made Lee wish he had deserted like he had planned their last night together while he watched her sleep, bathed in moonlight. Then he could have gotten the best years of her life instead. Phillip was blind to her beauty.
“She’s asking for you.” The nurse said from behind Lee.


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