Can I Make It?

The theme if I want to join others in being a daily blogger this month is “maybe.” Seems appropriate to me, I think, for one being a May”Bay”Be. No need to hold you in suspense on that one – my birthday’s at the end of the month and, not being so shallow as to be coy about my age (for with age comes wisdom), I’ll be 35.
If I’m going to try this small feat (blogging so often again), I should do some brainstorming, eh? What I may be blogging about:

  • Parenting – “maybe” is a tool I often use to get someone off my back
  • Goals & plans – when I make them, considering the current results, I should say “maybe I’m gonna” instead of my current “I’m gonna”. Things all too often end up that way (who wants to lay odds that that applies right down to these plans?) – this could maybe include a list of future life ideas. And updates from other posts (“maybe”, if I can manage it…)
  • My health – still trying to figure out what I have, whether it’s just PCOS or maybe more.
  • 100 word esque (or, if it’s been used already, a resurrection thereof.)
  • Mother’s Day and Maybe – special feature, where I will discuss my views on my relationship with my mom and how “maybe” relates specifically to this Mother’s Day. This has partly been coming since she passed. :*(
  • Knitting projects – this applies …for there is 1 project that is giving me a hard time, and each time I restart it, I say “maybe this time I will finish this!” There are lessons learned w/each mistake & each new project.
  • Writing – what am I doing? What am I planning? What do I have to catch up on? Maybe.

If you have more ideas, send ’em over!

(started on my phone, transferred and edited on my laptop)


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