100 Word Challenge – Voice – 03/29/2011

It’s time, I think this is what we’ve all be waiting for. If you’ve been following the story, even with the few missing episodes (they are written, just not edited or posted), then you may have already figured it out. But, yes, it’s time.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is another piece in the puzzle that is the Clifton Saga. I’ve known who was whose the whole time, and I would think if you remember (or read) back, you should know as well.

But you could just guess, too.

Here’s my entry for the most recent word for the 100 Word Challenge at Velvet Verbosity‘s site. Enjoy! 🙂

Sick as she was, she wasn’t sure if she’d be heard. But it was time.
Moments after she realized Lee was there, Philip stepped around him. Now they stood at the foot of her bed, staring each other down.
“You—“ Philip said, his finger in Lee’s face.
“Don’t think you’re innocent,” Lee’s clenched fist barely shook at his side.
“No,” Sheila whispered. Both faced her, a mixture of emotions on their faces. “It’s my fault.”
“But—“ they both started. Sheila put up her hand.
“You’re right. He’s yours,” she pointed at one, “not yours,” and then the other.

(Maybe this will break the dam that is holding back writing for that contest….geez!)



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