100 Words Challenge – Cuffs – 03/24/2011

This is my entry for the current 100 Words Challenge word, Cuffs. While you’re at it, go visit other people’s pages and see their submissions too.

The cuffs chaffed his wrists. Standing for his brother really was an honor, but Robby couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable every time Mr. Mathews walked in the room.
Phillip acted with him the way he should be acting with their father. Of course he’s been gone many years. Not his fault he died.
Robby stopped fidgeting to watch as Phillip and Mr. Mathews walked through, discussing the current high profile case at the firm.
That’s when it hit him—there’s something about their mannerisms that goes deeper than anything you can pick up just working together.
What had their mother done?



  1. Innnnnteresting! 🙂

    I’m new to the 100 Word challenge- it’s so fun to read eveyone’s take. Looking forward to reading more of you.

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