Quick thought on 100 Words

(In response to a comment VV made on a fellow participant’s blog.)

I find it interesting, too, that there are other participants who have a story line developing with their entries for the 100 Word challenge.

I can’t speak for them, but as for myself, I find it exciting that a prompt follows the Clifton Saga story line.  When I approach a prompt, I don’t rack my brain to see if it will fit the story line, I go with whatever flow pops into my mind when I ponder the prompt.  I don’t always sit down with a pen or pencil (I’ve rediscovered and fallen in love with the fun and usefullness of a nice, sharpened, fresh yellow #2 pencil.  I’ve always loved the smell of a sharpened pencil 😀 ), but as soon as a scene hits me, I reach for my Writer’s Notebook (something else I rediscovered the love of—a prompt on Toasted Cheese recently had me pulling out my box of old class notes and Creative Writing stories…I’ve always had a WN, but with that it was solidified and I refreshed my memory 🙂 ).  I have a list of words that have come through since the last time I was active, so I can essentially go back and fill in the blanks.

Now that I’ve gone back into serious writing again, you know where you submit your works for either publishing (haven’t taken that big step yet) or contests (that’s my big thing right now), I’ve found that the practice I’ve gotten shaping and working with these ideas down into just 100 words has actually been very helpful.  I have learned (or relearned, maybe, considering my degree 🙂 ) what to keep and what to trash.

I just think it’s all fun!

Oh to have my laptop back again…

Off for a bit of pampering as I review other people’ entries 🙂


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