100 Word Challenge – Sleek – 03/19/2011

This is my entry for the current Velvet Verbosity 100 Word Challenge. I’ve got a few others saved up from recent cycles, I just have to get them into .doc files and play around with them a bit. My computer has been working off and on (right now, OFF) so I’m back to using the husband’s, but that’s what a flash drive is for (yay flash drives) and warranty companies (yay box that showed up so we can send it out!). This is NOT a Clifton Saga installment, just what came to mind when I sat down to work on it.

He admired his sleek new car. Coal black, he had dreams of sitting outside her house every night, speeding away before she called the cops.
The first night he sat there the cops pulled up, lights blazing, within fifteen minutes.
“I love the dumb ones,” the veteran officer told his rookie partner. “They always sit under a street light.”
The rookie laughed with his partner. He looked at the boy and his stomach sank further.
What would he tell Mother this time? His brother’s antics break her heart. He couldn’t save him every time.
When would he get over her?

Please don’t hesitate to read other people’s entries!



  1. I tried to comment on yours. I like yours as well! 🙂 I’ve had some of these words work out to equal a continuing story (as I said in the post, just not this one!). If you haven’t looked already, be sure to check out the Clifton Saga tab and check the story out! Several of the words I didn’t participate online in but that worked out in some inspiration are also of the Clifton family, and one day I do intend to post them! 🙂

  2. Nice juxtaposed vieppoints! 🙂 This is my first 100 words round… It’s been fun seeing how so many varied and complicated things can be said in so few words.

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