Don’t go away…

I do plan to have more, shortly. My mom died at the end of January, and my grandpa died back in September. I’m contemplating what to post about my mommy dying—it’s gonna be a long hard road dealing with that, but I’m not going to write a post on the fly and post it—I’m going to make this one special, there’s a thought that’s been knocking around in my head that I want to do justice to.

I’m working on another big story, based specifically on myself and someone I care a great deal for. I may never submit it for publication EVER, but it’s a story I need to get out to work through yet ANOTHER issue—so it’s taking up my writing time.

The house is slowly getting back to where I want it. I work bit by bit every day—it had gotten pretty messy during January, but it really went to pot with the week that was after my mom died.

There is also a knitting project on the needle—a circular one, so it’s only one needle 🙂 I’m again using Knitting Lace Triangles—I made one to practice on, then I used the Leaf and Flower patterns to make the last item I will ever make for my mom—a shawl in a nice Royal Blue yarn I got from my grandma (I wonder if grandma noticed that when she looked at mom at the funeral home?). I’m using those same two patterns for another shawl, this time in 3 yarns I bought about 8 years ago (they are very thin, so I’m putting them together for this) and I’m going to enter it into the Chautauqua County Fair. I’m going to call it “June’s Blossoms” :-D. The Leaf pattern, the one that I use first and as a base, will be long enough to cover my shoulders, then I will keep going with the Flower pattern for a length. I work on it bit by bit every day 🙂

Of course, you know, I’ve still got all those projects I finished, I just need to weave in the ends. Well, I’d better get on those items. Unfortunately, the shop I had been selling things at on consignment closed…good thing I didn’t have much left over there…just a few items I think, but I have no idea where to go asking if I was really that worried! I need to get on them soon, because my bamboo needles are in there, and I love using them to make hats 😀

With mom’s passing—here I thought that Aimee’s passing was going to be the only one I get to mark at the end of January. But now I also have mom. She and Aimee are in the same cemetery (though not as close as I thought from dad’s description), and so I can go visit both of them! And they aren’t NEARLY as difficult to find as Mom’s parents!

Otherwise, I will do my best to keep this up (though some of you no longer need to come here to find updates. You know who you are!), I’ve got to get back in to the 100 Words swing of things. Current word is Engages. I’ve got to catch up some too, I also have 2 on the back burners.


    • Thank you very much. I know they are both in a better place now, looking down on me while I continue to blossom, and hopefully helping motivate me to keep on my writing and helping me get published!

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