Defining my dreams.

There have been many things I have said I want to do with my life here on this blog before.  I think where I need to start first is with my health.  And I believe I AM, by getting this possible gall bladder issue taken care of, and fighting with my laziness in dealing with my PCOS.  Why I am not proactive and energetic with dealing with and understanding that is incomprehensable…but the only way to go on from here is to define what I want and go after it.  If I listen to my horoscope (which I shouldn’t because of my Christian beliefs but frankly am anyhow since I check the app I downloaded at least once a day), defining it is the first key to achieving it.  And I can do anything I want to if I put my mind to it.  Which I already know about me without the help of some silly app or horoscope writer. 

So it is time for definitons. 

My ultimate goal is to either get over something or at the very least have that something feeling damn sorry.  And I am already such an awesome woman, that something should already be on that road.

But more so, I want to be a success.  For me.  In my own right.  So my mind, my eye, should be set to my goals and be set to working on them.

As I said before, the first thing I need to deal with is my health.  Over and above working with the health establishment…I need to get into an exercise routine.  One I have interest in and gets my heart pumping…in more ways than one!  I have one already!  One that ties in not only with my health stratedgies and interests, but also with a goal we have as a Girl Scout troop!  That is, last July we participated in a local charity run.  The girl who lives upstairs participated in it as well.  That weekend, she and I discussed what we would do in order to train.  I have to admit, I did nothing and continued to wallow in the funk I was in, smoking at least half a pack a day.  If I exercise, I know from previous experience that I do better in a variety of other areas, including housework (which needs to be improved upon, not a surprise).  At our last meeting doing the charity run yet again was loosely discussed.  I talked specifically to the main troop leader about a goal I’ve been contemplating re: just that issue.

So what is my goal?  To achieve a 5K run/walk by July.  To do that I want to start with Couch to 5K.  I don’t want to put it off until spring, I can foresee starting the work this week.  Or at the very least just as soon as the college kids come back.  So I can use the college’s facilities.  As an alum! 

I mentioned last time that I want to write again.  I got down, at that point, 2 100 Word Challenge possibilites.  That I liked.  And I have options for looking into any of my writing dreams.  I just have to put my key in (my mind, making that first step to finding what’s out there and DOING IT) and turning that key.

As for finding a way to contributing around here…before I manage to publish, I still have options.  Things I’ve done before and can do again.  Applications to fill out (some again). 

My options are open, the sky is and has always been the limit.  I AM better and would be an upgrade for ANYONE.  Isn’t my hubby the luckiest?

One interesting unintended aspect of a recent event is this…I’m starting with a clean slate with many things.  Right down to my hair, which I decided to cut short short short.  It looks GREAT, better than a professional cut I got some years ago, and this time my hubs did it :-D.  I’d show you, but I can’t get a good shot of myself, LOL!


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