It takes time.

Doesn’t it all.  But learning my way around the Ally and WP app is definitely going to be interesting.

Some updates…still not sure what is going on with the daughter.  I still think it is ADHD, but people need to be called again. 

I’ve not yet got a diagnosis as far as this recurrant pain in my back.  I think it’s my gall bladder, and a sonogram came back saying there are stones but the doc wanted to “double check” with yet another CT scan (added to the 2 in 2009 DURING ATTACKS), and since they (again) saw nothing there, the doc doesn’t believe that’s what it was.

With the holidays and new year, I got myself acrylic nails, am going to make an effort to take better care of and better appreciate myself, which once again includes makeup, and have made only 1 new years resolution.  I don’t usually make them, but this is a special situation, and something I know I can do something about.  In light of my keeping some things very close to the vest (which I should have done with this to begin with, it would have turned out differently. 😦 </3 ), I will explain no further.


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