Yay, further into the information age we go!

My biggest and best Christmas present this year was an Ally phone and my husband and I picking up a Family Plan through Verizon.  Same numbers we had before, just new phones, more minutes and a data plan.  Well, while doing 100 Word Challenge maintanence, I bookmarked my blog…and found out there is an Android app for WordPress.  So my WHOLE LIFE really can almost all be navigated from this little Qwerty keyboard!  Other fave apps include Skype (which came installed) and Tweetdeck.  I will still have to go to the laptop to post 100 Word Challenge entries (it’s just easier to word count that way, even though we don’t yet have the Office package installed, might get someone to change that today), but life just got bigger and more connected.

Is that a good thing?  (My mom might not think so, but I won’t go there.)


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