Well, I….

need to apologize for any of my faithful readers (I’m sure if I had any, you’re all gone by now…). I’ve been lazy as of late. A lot that has gone on over the last year or so, I’ll be frank, I just didn’t want to share with the whole world. But, also, I’ve no longer got my own working computer (power/motherboard issues, not going to pay the money to send off to someone else to soder (sp?) the board back together)—I’m on my husband’s at the moment—and I’ve been in front of the computer but a slacker. No writing (I prefer to do it on my own computer, I’ve got so much saved there, and it’s MY work), just a lot of Facebook (FarmTown, some FarmVille and FrontierVille thrown in there. Oh yeah, and a lot of talking with one of my bestest friends from college :-D). I haven’t even been reading the blogs I read (until tonight, I just decided to put the password what-all in the browser here I use on my side of his computer, which I figured I’d better start writing on my own blog too.), either, so I’m just a horrible blogger and webcrawler. 😛

I’ll leave you with a wonderful song I’ve recently found. It really hit home the first time I listened—I literally started bawling, in part because I KNOW I was SUPPOSED to hear it when I did. The day I first heard it, I had a gynecologist appointment—I thought it was scheduled for 9:30am, and about 15 minutes before the appointment time, I jumped into the car and headed off. The song that was playing ended, I think maybe the djs or radio identification came on, and then this song. It’s so our story. It’s us when we met (at the beginning of the song—but we’re both the same age, as our birthdays are 5 days apart—we were both 19 :-)), and it’s so us RIGHT NOW. We are going through some interesting trials in our marriage, our 15th (which we hit 15 years on November 18th 😀 ) has definitely been the hardest, but frankly I think it’s also been the best in it’s own way. We’ve refound each other in some ways—some beautiful, some interesting, and some surprising. I’ve learned things about myself and my husband over this year—again, some beautiful, some interesting, and some surprising—and we’ve both grown incredibly. And I can definitely say I love him more than I ever have before. But I also know we have SO MUCH FURTHER left to go, mostly to bring this family and certain parts of it back together. But the commitment we made, and the relationship we were given by God is so special…through it all, I wouldn’t rather be facing all this in anyone else’s arms. No one knows or understands this man like I do, or ever could no matter how smart they might think they are (in their field or otherwise).

And, as a side note—my appointment wasn’t until 1:30, which is why I KNOW I was SUPPOSED to be in that car ONLY to hear that song!


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