100 Word Challenge – Fingers – 09/04/2010

Velvet Verbosity seems to be back up to her regular position, taking care of the 100 Word Challenge. And, what a great idea, she’s started a FanPage for it on Facebook! Smart! (Smarter, my Co-Owner at WNY_Crocheters on yahoogroups started a group over on Facebook too. Dude, why didn’t _I_ think of that? I’m on there all day every day!) But, since writing is one of my 5 goals, and I’ve nicely set up our computer desk again, including a folder sorter and started another writer’s notebook (though I’d prefer to keep just writing everything on the computer…), I figured I’d look into the word for right now, found all this out, and came up with something quick. Sadly, it’s not another Clifton Saga, but I like it. Enjoy!!

“…These fingers full of memories…”

As the tune beat in her ears, she looked down at her hands, which had touched one but longed for the imagined comfort of another.

Thinking back on their short history together, she thought of the few times he had hesitantly touched her—friendly gestures on her shoulder, back, arm. Snippets of conversations floated through her mind, facts and observations that to others might seem trivial, but to her lit up the world.

Tears pricked her eyes as she thought of the time covered by Never—exactly when her fingers would gain memory of him.

Inspiration: “Bittersweet Memories” – Bullet For My Valentine


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