Goal Setting

This is actually a preview of some thoughts I’m having about what I’m going to put down in my journal later this evening or tomorrow when I am sitting outside my daughter’s appointment for ADHD.

It has been a tumultuous year and a half since my daughter turned 13—she’s 14 now. She has made some pretty stellar mistakes, ones I would not have even THOUGHT to make myself until I was much MUCH older. But I do suppose that is what being a teenager is about—learning who you are (or who you THINK you are, because I’m not totally sure that a person completely knows who they are that early in life, or gets it right that early. It’s a lifelong process, as I’m definitely learning myself. I’ve surprised myself too, at least once, over this last year.), making mistakes, and learning consequences. I’m hoping that this ADHD possibility provides us with some answers—some of the research I’ve done and things I’ve read have sent my head to bobbing the whole while.

But, there are things I’ve got to deal with around here. For one, I’ve gained weight again. Big surprise. I’m not being very good about taking care of my PCOS—I do not take the Metphormin on a regular basis as I should, for one big thing. But, one goal I’ve been pondering and intend to solidify is that of starting to walk every morning. I learned while my father in law and his wife were here this past 2 weeks, on our trip to Niagara Falls, NY, last Wednesday, that I LIKE the feeling after I exercise. What’s more, my left ankle (my bad ankle) is sore yet again, which means that the extra pounds I’ve packed onto my body are effecting that joint. Finally, I CAN FEEL IT. I can feel the extra fat in my face, and for sure in my belly, and finally….well, you don’t need that information. I’m not going to even give you enough to stoke your imagination. 😛 And, frankly, I don’t want those fat ankles that, unfortunately, some other ladies I know have 😦 I look down and my ankles look fairly thin, though my calves are definitely a bit meaty.

Also, there are parts of my house which continue to need work. Our washer decided to stop spinning, and until we have enough again to fix it (the same week it went, our back passenger side decided to finally bite the dust, after weeks of filling it up every few days), my sister was kind enough to loan us the washer she and her husband got from our grandparents for a wedding gift, until they are in an apartment they can use it in. This means I have to find a way to fit TWO washers in the small-ish washroom. I’ve got some ideas, I just have to go about doing them. And the bottom of our stairs is getting crowded. I got one of the best compliments from my father in law’s wife, in that it looks pretty good around here. I’ve worked hard to reduce the amount of items we have—my landlord is not going to be happy, but until I can sell it my treadmill is going to sit on my front porch because I just can’t stand it in the sunroom anymore! I’ve put a sign on it (gonna have to again), and I just today posted it on the WNYClassified email list through yahoo. It’s been posted on craigslist before, but I have little faith in that.

I’d like to read more. I still have the pile of books from my “S’more Reading” post last June. Only one (Just Enough Light For The Step I’m On) got finished. I’m going to come back to it, too. Good read—I still intend to read the others, but now I’m also reading Reviving Ophelia and Understanding Girls With AD/HD. Obvious reasons—I find it interesting that RO was written basically about girls my age, yet it still applies quite well (and sometimes even better) to girls today. I just haven’t found my own daughter yet. :-\

Finally, I have ideas for my creative exploits. As always, more writing. Here again, in my journal, creative writing, submitting works….it makes me feel good, I have to do it! And knitting and/or crocheting. I sell some things through a local eclectic shop on consignment, and the things that have seemed to sell the best are the hats, so I’m making quite a few. I just have to sew them all together now, because I’m using a knitted pattern. I want to knit a shawl, hopefully to sell as well, with this awesome book I bought at my favorite LYS while my father in law and his wife were here, Knitting Lace Triangles by Evelyn Clark. It looks awesome, and I’m sure I’ll have fun making them. Also, I have all this yarn from a yard sale way back about 7 years ago that I haven’t found but one thing (that I never finished, original filet pattern) to do anything with. 🙂 Very thin yarn, will work great for the lace. 😀


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