One of my favorite quotes is the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Don’t know where it originates from or where I heard it, but I see the truth of it, so I use it…

That being said, I have some serious intentions. To pick up where they are at Velvet’s 100 Word Challenge, to write more (and I have been doing that) period, to make more hats to sell (also already doing that), to get my family help (doing that), to clean this house….the list goes on and on.

It seems I spoke too soon last time, things were not done being crazy. Hopefully they are calming down some, it’s been a few weeks. We have 2 sources that have suggested a possible explanation for my daughter’s problems. I’m going to have it looked into to see if it’s right—they suggested it completely independently of each other—the second I was going to mention it to, but HE said it first, so I take it that means something.

Otherwise, I’m taking it day by day. At least this boyfriend seems to make her happy. I hope this isn’t another mistake for her. Or us.

Best part, though, is I know God is there with us through it all. He will provide (He already has this week, answering some financial prayers!), and He will stay with us through all of it. I am forgiven, and God is Great!

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