Have done and Got’s to do

I’ve been busy (and/or procrastinating) since the end of Thanksgiving vacation.

What have I been doing?

Playing around on Facebook a lot
Staying up way too late (often playing around on Facebook)
Studying (yeah, I manage to fit that in there)
Writing papers (well, one so far)
Working on a debate (our side is Against Torture)
Returned books for said debate (today—not sure if D has one, I missed it when dropping it off, or it’s totally gone 😦 )
Knitting – but I’ve completed nothing. A lot of incomplete and frogged projects…for one reason or another (project/stitches falling off needle to an unrescuable extent, etc)
Crocheting – I finished P’s blanket, but I haven’t woven in the ends for that (not going to, didn’t with the one I did for D) or the baby blanket I made for my sister’s baby 😐

What I haven’t been doing, but got’s to? (I know, bad grammar)

Writing the novel – but for my first try, I got 32K+ words down, and I think that’s good. I’m not going to stop there, I just have to find the inspiration again!
Cleaning – I have a little here and there, but I just haven’t been motivated to do the large bulk of it. I managed to sort through the boxes that were upstairs and P’s box down here over Thanksgiving vacation, but now his box needs straightening, and the 2 riding toys are still sitting in my entry way (I almost tripped over them this morning!)

I’ve got a paper due next week and I’m going to have 2 tests, the other class I’m not really sure what’s up (it says Film #2, I just hope we don’t have to do another reaction paper. @_@). I’ve got to come up with another dilemma for the paper (Ethical dilemma. This is my first.) (Update: Second dilemma will be surrounding the Aberdeen sex scandal, possibly “what if you’re someone who knows what’s going on, do you tell or not?”. I was there, though not when things came down, just when it started. 😐 I was not involved with any drill sergeants [just my husband])

There are other things in my life that have me on edge. Things are better with D. Things are rocky with T. P is being a normal 4 year old boy. It’s crazy, I’m feeling a bit thinner. Not sure why, maybe I was just bloated a lot lately.


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