So far this week, I’ve completed…

Many things. Below, you will see the list from my last post, with the completed tasks appropriately marked. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of how well I’ve done, at least when it comes to the house! 🙂 I’m working on the things for class too, but have not made the progress I’d LIKE. But I have made some, and that’s better than nothing.

Wash clothes – done. And brought them to the laundromat because the clothes HAD to be washed like NOW because of a small mishap with thawing the turkey, and the clothes in Mt. Washmore were the only things to soak all the water up (the towels too, but the clothes helped A LOT!).
Pick up floor – done
Pick up garbage – done
Vacuum – done
Sort P’s toys – done (I’m proud of this, it’s usually the kind of thing I DON’T get around to!)
Sort and bring down old toys for my nephew (to be) – done (same as above)
Fold clothes – done! I swear, I’ve never folded clothes faster than I did at the laundromat!
Get rid of game consoles
Dishes, dishes and more dishes – down to a few things from today, plus the glasses!
Weave in ends of baby blanket
Work on response paper – some—a start on part 1, not sure WHAT I’m going to do for the rest. I’ve got to find a way to watch the movie!
Research for debate on torturing terrorists – started! yay!
Do Social Statistics exercise

Also, I managed to:

Make a good grocery list for food
Go get groceries
Bring paper to be recycled
Bring sorted toys not to be handed down to Salvation Army
Make up the brine for the turkey
Make 2 apple pies

I think that’s it. I’ve been busy. I think my house looks pretty good 😀 I plan on taking the rest of vacation, after Thanksgiving, doing work for class.

I haven’t written anything since Monday night. It makes me sad. I hit a wall, which makes me feel real sad. But I’ll get through it. Sometime soon I’ll be able to make up all those words! I know I will! 😀


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