Thursday Thirteen – writing my novel

I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been working on that galdarn novel. Don’t let my potty mouth fool you—I’m enjoying it! I’ve also been busy with school work and the general busyness of life. 🙂

So, to keep you entertained, here’s 13 interesting things about writing my novel. There has to be at least 13, right?

1. It’s exciting to watch my word count go up – I average at least 300 words per sitting, because often I have to get the writing done in patches—before this class, between those two (only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, like now), after that one. I’ll sit with the laptop on my lap while I’m watching tv at home, usually I’ll put it on something my kids can watch or I really don’t want to pay all my attention to. Like CNN (which I like watching anyway.).

2. It’s having a definite affect on my other writing – Like there’s also a lot of that going on too. I’ve even turned my attention to the next entry for the 100 Word Challenge, I just have to write it out. Maybe in my next class.

3. I rely much too heavily on the auto-fix feature on Word – Because there have been at least 3 instances writing this blog post already that I expect and don’t immediately remember that I have to take care of, the computer’s not going to.

4. I’ve already come up with a cover for the book – Okay, it’s a rough draft, but I like playing around with Paint Shop Pro too, and I haven’t in a long time. So I’ve got one. If you check my profile, you’ll see it under Novel Info.

5. Speaking of my profile—yes, that’s me Simpsonized. I don’t know if they still have that site, but back when The Simpson Movie came out, Burger King had a site you could go to and, using a picture of you head and shoulders against a plain background, it would Simpsonize you. I saved myself a copy. Of Tom too.

6. I’ve got to back up more – I haven’t had a problem yet, but it’s a good idea to backup your work, in like a million different places, just in case say that cup of tea spills all over your keyboard!

7. I got that last tip from the Procrastination Station at the NaNoWriMo site. Interesting stuff. This girl makes cartoons too, those are a riot!

8. I don’t need the Procrastination Station – Not when I have Facebook!

9. My house has actually been looking better since I started writing – At least I think so. And that’s even while I’ve had a cold or something. I hope not the piggy flu, but I haven’t had it checked out, because they’d assume it was that anyhow. And there’s enough people around me who have had it. Classmates.

10. #9, in my opinion, is probably because the increased blood flow to my brain and fingers due to all this thinking and writing and typing – in my opinion. It did for me what going to college and walking there didn’t do. Hmm…

11. I have yet to just sit and stare at the computer for an extended amount of time – oh, sure, for a minute here or 10 minutes there. But, most of the time when I sit down to write, I’m tapping along. Or playing with Facebook which, as I said, is my own Procrastination Station.

12. Research – I’ve actually done some. Had to double check that there were speed boats in the 1930’s, and I needed to come up with some wallpaper from then that was really pretty and elegant, and I needed to make sure what a Victorian bed looked like.

13. Problems with Research – sometimes, when you’re looking for something in the Pre-WWII and WWII era (which is when the story is set), you run into things about people you don’t want to read about. Like things on Hitler and the Third Reich. At modern day Nazi sites. Ewwww….I’m not able to give you that link!



  1. You’re doing better than me. I haven’t really touched NaNo, and at 9k I’m on the verge of giving up. I don’t recalled it being this hard for my noveling blog. (Shameless plug: Go read Uninvoked! Leave comments! Support lonely authors!) I just recall a boat load of desperate word wars. Haven’t done one this year. Bad sign?

    Love the simpson you ^^

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