100 Word Challenge – Examine

The newest entry in Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge, for Examine. And it fits right in with the Clifton Saga, again! I was properly admonished—I must also include reference links. So, you can go to the Clifton Saga tab, click on Clifton Saga here (all 3) and to specifically read the entries from this character’s point of view from before, go to Resurrect (which, BTW, is a year old TODAY!) and Falter.

I thought there was a bible verse that could go with this, but I can’t seem to find it.

“I know I’m saved now, but I still feel horrible, Pastor Frank.”
“You’ve been forgiven of all your sins, but God is convicting your heart about something.” Pastor Frank put a reassuring hand on Phillip’s shoulder.
“How do I figure that out?” Phillip asked. Exasperated, he put his head in his hands.
“You have to examine your life today and before your decision.”
Phillip thought for a moment and then looked through his fingers at his pastor.
“I know what it is. I need to go back to my wife and kids.”
“Here, let’s pray for peace and their forgiveness.”


    1. Sorry! I think I was so eager to get it out that I forgot to link to the rest of the Clifton Saga—but, then, it’s also a tab at the top of the page, so I don’t absolutely HAVE to! 🙂 Here it is anyhow:


      And it will be properly added to the post, as well. To understand exactly who this is, see this entry:


      And this one:


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