100 Word Challenge – Writ Large

A day late, but it’s justified and I got a pass from the teacher, so I’m good. I didn’t get the idea for this one until I was talking to a friend and telling them I had NO IDEA what I’m going to do with this one, but the suggestion I made to myself (to her) sparked this one. I hope you enjoy. It’s a continuation of the Clifton Saga, specifically the entries for Lemonade and Rain (if you’d like to go back and check them out.). Enjoy!

Michelle thought it would be harder to find her birth mother; that the woman wouldn’t even want to see her. But when she called, her birth mother jumped at the chance to see her.
So here Michelle was, sitting inside Writ Large, a café at the college. Her birth mother had suggested it, but Michelle had spent many a late night here while working on her degree.
The bell on the door rang, and Michelle turned around. No wonder her mother picked here, she used to work the counter.
Her birth mother spotted her.
“Michelle? I’m your mother.”


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