House is not a cure for end of the weekend itis. Sleep is.

It’s been a fairly dull weekend, but I’ve been busy the whole time. What have I been busy doing for the majority of my weekend? Sitting with my laptop in my lap, typing away. I joined one of many who decided to throw all caution to the wind and write a novel.

Yes, a novel. That means NaNoWriMo. And I’m in good company. The person whose participation made me decide to join in was Velvet Verbosity‘s (btw, I’ve got this next challenge’s piece written, I’m just giving it a couple days to stew and veg before I go back and look it over and decide if it’s really the one I want to post. But chances are pretty good it will be, because it’s right along in the flow of the Clifton Saga 😀 ). I’ve seen other people who are joining in too:

Susie over at Susiej
Jennifer, who is forever writing to survive (though you know, some of us write just so we can breathe, because without it we would die. Or feel like we were dead. Which is something I’m starting to realize…)

Oh heck, ya know, it’s really late, and I’m really tired. I should be doing some studying, but I’ll just check it out later, in the morning at college.

If I missed people, it’s just because I’m tired and I’m sick of leafing through my blogs over at Bloglines.

Currently my word count is 12,367. I’m a bit behind where I should be, but I’ve got things still flowing and scenes boiling around in my head, so it’s not like I’m never going to get there. I think, if I slow down and have some problems on how to jump the short distances to my few background scenes for these boys lives, then I’ll do the big leap and do the big finish, because I do want to get to that too. It’s going to be interesting. 😀 And I have an inkling that it’s going to be a big portion of this story.

The good and important thing to remember is that editing is for December. For now, I’m just trying to make sure that the names are in the right order, so I know who is in what scenes.

Wish me luck. It’s bed time!


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