Windy (well, really, rainy…) Wednesday.

My day started with my daughter not feeling well. She got to stay home. I got to go to school. Which is fine, because I enjoyed it. 😀 As always, it was a good day.

I also managed to do some writing. I’m 900+ words into the novel. I already had 4 pages written, from back when I first started the story.

And I started finding the quotes for the next American Constitutional Law class. This next test looks like it’s going to be better because I’m getting time to study before and we’re into the material more, having already gone through this once.

I found that there’s a knitting group that meets at the store I have items at for consignment. I went to see if anything had sold (no, but I also asked if he was going to do the Farmer’s Market in the winter like last year, and he said yes and would keep me informed), and there they were sitting there. 🙂 I had a project in the car (one of the pairs of socks I’m working on) and so I grabbed it and sat for a while. I’ve got a class when they meet, next semester, but I’ll definitely return next week and when I can until next semester. What wonderful yarns some ladies had brought back from an excursion to Connecticut (some convention or something).

Almost time to get P. 🙂


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