What a nice day, and it’s a Monday?

Yup, today’s been a good day. And it’s even Monday. I was really productive today. I think it started when we helped my dad do leaves on Sunday. That actually felt good. We did windows too.

You’re going to have to forgive me, I started this in the evening but ended up working on my take home test (finishing it…I did start it last week) until 2 am, because I ended up talking to my sister-in-law for nearly an hour about our husbands, learning things I had wondered about and learning I’m not alone in the world of T and T2 (I’ve used that for my BIL before 😀 ).

Anyhow, what I’ve done today—made a REAL dinner (pork enchiladas, with peppers), picked up all the clothes in the house (that I have control over), washed was what in the washer, transferred it to the dryer, then washed a load of T’s shirts and hung them up on the rack in the washroom, and then washed yet another load, this time of his uniforms. Collected garbage, walked to the Park and Ride instead of taking the bus after class, and scrubbed one of the walls in the bathroom, posted D’s old bikes on Freecycle (and had who I WANTED come and pick the bikes and P’s trike up), reposted about the treadmill (and had a bite), and posted D’s old clothes on Freecycle too and (of course) had several bites. It sucks when you get more than one bite, and half way down your list resides the person you actually want to get the clothes 😦 This time it’s a guy who says he has 3 girls and needs the clothes.

And signed up for NaNoWriMo. Do I need to add more things? I just need, now, to figure out what to write about. Would it be bad to work on the Why, AZ book now?


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