Still trying to work through it all

Yup, I’m still working on figuring this getting out of this apartment thing. Most of the day I contemplated moving into my classmate’s apartment when she leaves, but I haven’t made that phone call yet. What phone call I did do was calling a Realty Management Company that my upstairs neighbor told me about, that she had actually used to get this place. I’m going to stop over there sometime soon (hopefully tomorrow between classes) and check it out, plus maybe a couple others.

My day went pretty well otherwise. My classes were interesting, and I even spoke up with my own views in my Intro class. The Judicial Conference (and especially the professor) in my American Constitutional Law class this morning was good for a few laughs.

I finally folded all those clothes that have been sitting in the washroom—washed, in baskets—this afternoon after I came home. Now P’s drawers are stocked with pants (because yesterday around the time I did the rug, I also sorted through our bedroom—no, that was the day before—and the boxes I had with his extra/winter clothes in, now one of those boxes has his shorts and sleeveless shirts in it) and shirts. I also went through the one cupboard in the kitchen that wasn’t closing because of all the stuff in it. P had commented on it the other day—I don’t remember what, but I told him it wouldn’t close because mommy has to sort through it. So she did. When I did our room, I also sorted my clothes and have a nice size box of clothes to donate. I’ve got to go through the trunk of the car sometime soon, hopefully when it’s not raining out…LOL!

Something else I’m proud of—I think I have my entry of the most recent word for VV’s 100 Word Challenge already written! That feels kinda good—now I just have to sit down and really work on the take home test for my Ethics class. Due to the democratic process, the due date for that was pushed back. Now it’s due on Tuesday. I’ve poked at it, and basically have what I want to put down, I just have to flesh it out.

I have at least 4 inches worth of the sock done. I work on it mostly in between taking notes in class, LOL!

Okay, I’ve got to go to bed, so I can get up tomorrow and start this all over.

I’ve got to measure that window, too, so I know how big of a window to get.

Take care 🙂


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