My Weekend.

Well, it didn’t start pretty. I was going to write a post all about Saturday and some of Friday (though right now I can’t remember for the life of me what it is about Friday I wanted to talk about, other than the fact that I was nearly to tears that day too.). I’ve continued to feel down, up until yesterday at and after church.

I found myself having difficulty not crying at church. I didn’t hardly sing at all (that’s at least one blessing, ha ha!), and I was wiping my eyes here and there. It was by the third song (I think.), “Healing Rain”, that I just sorta gave up a bit and opened my heart to God to deal with. I definitely handed it all over to Him. I felt a bit better by the end of service.

Then T and I were outside playing with P, after D and her friend went for a walk. We went out front, I don’t remember exactly why, and were puttering around. P found a Monarch butterfly whose one wing was tore, and we held him for a bit (I’m not at all sure where he ended up going, if someone put him down someplace or something), then T and I looked up and saw a rainbow. Then we saw another—and pretty soon was saw a total of five. Yes, FIVE. And it really brightened up my mood. Why?

Well, I don’t know how well you know the story of Noah and the Flood, but after the flood, God sent a rainbow to Noah as a sign of His covenant that He will never again bring a flood. (If you want an exact quote of the passage, you can go here.) To me it said there is hope. When we’re done with all this garbage, our blessings may abound. If nothing else…one day things will be better. And that really lifted my spirits.

I have to start thinking about Christmas. I’m thinking scarves for most people this year. Maybe not my mom, or T, but definitely my BIL (orange and blue, of course) and P (orange and blue too, LOL!) and D (black, I should have some around), and my sister (I have just the yarn, it’ll be different), and maybe a few other people (not saying who 😉 ). I’m working on a pattern I found looking through my blog, for Mittens on Two Needles (I’m doing it with a solid color. No reason to limit one’s self!). I’m wondering if this is the pattern (or sets of patterns) close to what my grandma used to use. I don’t know the last time I’ve seen mittens com from her. Or sweaters. She’s made my mom quite a few LARGE ones, one of which my mom handed down to me just last week. It’s a green one. And to my surprise, there are some ends towards the bottom of the sweater that are woven in! I think it’s one of the first few ends I’ve found in my grandma’s work! And that says a lot because I’ve seen a LOT of my grandma’s work. I’ve always wondered how she wove them in so well. I also wonder, now that I think about it, if it’s one of the last of the sweaters my grandma made. But, I think I know what I’ll make for my mom and dad (actually, my dad might get another nice thick scarf too…but no scarf for mom, I only make her what she requests because I usually miss the mark if I don’t! LOL!). My mom is half Swedish, and she loves her some Limpa Bread. So, I was looking at my Bloglines blog reader, and what should I find, but a Limpa Bread recipe! PEEEEEEEEERFECT!!!!

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