Excuse me while I scream.

This is the last straw. One way or another, we HAVE to be out of here, and it might mean that we’re evicted. Because the landlord decides NOW to take care of his house. Because he wants to sell it and soak it for all the money he can get.

I just want out of here. I hate that it’s coming to this.

I felt like shit all day. I felt just fine up until I took my vitamin, on an empty stomach. The rest of the day, I felt horrible.

And I still want to scream. Over and over and over again until I’m hoarse or my throat bleeds or I die. I want to be done with this place. I want my family to listen to me, I want to be somewhere better, and I can’t WAIT to get out of here.

My landlord will not get another penny from me. Nothing. He doesn’t deserve it. He hasn’t taken care of the ceiling in our computer room, and now it’s MY fault, because when HE finally decides to take care of it, I’m finally going back to school.

So I want to scream and cry, and get myself out of this. I wish we could buy our own home. That would make me happier.

I feel like a complete and total loser. 😦

Don’t pity me or feel sorry for me, though.

Just pray that we can figure this out.

I want to scream so bad.


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