A new day, a new dawn.

I feel better today. Not sure why. I don’t think I’ve really caught up on my sleep like I should. You know how I am about sleep. 🙂 You don’t? 😦 I love to sleep, but I also like to stay up late at night. 2am is a good time to go to bed. But it’s also rough on the body, rough on the mind, and not good to day for multiple days on end. Some times when I stay up that late, I start getting paranoid towards the end. That’s the best way to describe it. Sometimes, if I haven’t had enough sleep, it’s tough to think straight or get myself motivated, or get things done I want done, or think straight (yeah, that’s right, it DESERVES to be mentioned twice). Sometimes, if I stay up that late, I can go right to bed. Even get up at our usual time (between 8:30 and 9am, with and without the mechanical alarm clock. P’s a great alarm clock on his own!). Sometimes if I stay up that late, I’m groggy and can’t get the slug out of bed. I suppose everyone’s like that, huh? Sometimes, if I’m up that late, my mind’s going a million miles a minute. Some of the entries for VV’s 100 Word Challenge were done that early in the morning (not all of them. In fact, I just about have the one for Place complete, and I was just working on it. I feel really good about it. There’s even some history to it—you’ll be let in on that when I post it :-D).

The test in Social Statistics today feels pretty good. I even took the time to celebrate it. A few of the questions took a couple tries and a couple examination, but once I got them, I was good. And I had a brain fart at least twice. But I got that too.

I think going down a couple needle sizes is going to help with the socks. I just was not satisfied with how they were casting on 😦

I think I have Place in place, so I’ll give it a few hours to stew and then see how we are later tonight. I anticipate posting it this evening 😀

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