Food 4 Thought and Friday Fill-Ins 10/16/2009 – back into it again?

I love my laptop. I love having internet at home. This is my life now. I used to think it was crazy that people kept EVERYTHING in their laptop—surprise, now I’m one of those. I can sit in my bedroom and play on the internet (as long as the house has internet). Sweet.


Would you or have you ever gone sky diving?

No. And I never will. No thanks.

What do you think about President Obama receiving the Noble Peace Prize?

I’m disappointed to say….I’m disappointed.

First of all, you have to understand that I voted for the man. I’m excited that the first black president was elected while I lived (not that I’m all that old, or that I thought it would be impossible in my lifetime). I believe that, if there’s going to be change, this is the time to have it. I have many mixed feelings about him—I hope he’s the man to be that change, I hope that he’s not going to mess this up, I hope he doesn’t end up being a really bad person instead (like the Anti-Christ or something. Not that I expect him to be. I still think W is.). I pray for this man more than I’ve, for sure, ever prayed for any other president in my lifetime (and some of them needed it more!).

But I’ve been thinking both with this and with that silly trip to Denmark. If W had taken off, at any point in time during his presidency, but yes especially when he was dealing with some hefty stuff, I would have been perturbed. What right does he have to go off for something so frivilous. Did he really think we were going to get the Olympics? Come on.

I believe he has the potential to earn the Peace Prize. I hope he’ll be able to pull it off. But not even a YEAR into his presidency? Really, who thought that was a good idea???

What is the last movie you saw? Did you enjoy it?

Ratatouille. Who doesn’t enjoy Disney’s kids movies?

Midnight Snack
How much of a worrier are you?

UGH. Don’t get me started!!

Recipe of the Week(instead of your recipe for life, what is it just for this week?)

Just surviving with His help. I know he’s always there, that’s all I need.


1. So are we going to ever move out of this God forsaken place???????

2. I just know that change is what’s up ahead.

3. I love to enjoy the experience of getting comfortable in a new place. I miss it.

4. I just want an apartment or house of some sort.

5. I walk a fine line between successfully dealing with this place, and not going stark raving mad. Now we have mice. Really. Mice.

6. Being with family is the true elixir of life!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to going to bed, tomorrow my plans include not doing much other than maybe making a lasagna for my mom and Sunday, I want to go to church, there isn’t much else for us to do!


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