100 Word Challenge – Getting back into it!

I’ve got 2 installments for the 100 Word Challenge Velvet Verbosity puts on. Both will also be posted under the Clifton Saga tab 🙂 I’m not crazy about the first (Lemonade), but I really like the second (Rain). So, here you go. It feels good to be writing again, hope I can keep it up and do it with other prompts and more, period! 😀


She stares as condensation rolls down the glass of lemonade, the tart-sweet memory of her mom’s recipe lingering at the back of her throat, a secret her mother took with her.

Her eyes return to the stack of papers she’d been organizing. Old and new stains on the edge of the top sheet show emotions felt over it.

Who is her real mother? She remembered Phillip finding his, but had no idea she’d one day embark on the same journey of self discovery, understanding or forgiveness. She knows all too well the false starts and dead ends she could face.


Mom came out, wrapped an arm around me, and stood by the rain barrel I’d been watching behind my grandparents’ house as she cleaned after her mom died.

After she had stood there for a few moments, I said “it’s not filling up as fast as it used to.”

Just as I was going to say it again, she looked down at the barrel. “Grandpa drilled a hole in the bottom before he died. I didn’t want you playing in the yard because it makes the grass slippery and muddy.”

“You okay ma?”

After a pause, she said, “reliving memories.”



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