It’s so bad…

I’m on here again. I think that’s how happy I am to have the internet back at home. I can get on the web any time I want. Even at nearly 1am. In my bedroom, in the dark, playing on facebook and looking at blogs. And blogging. How bad is that???

I love this blog, it’s awesome to go and see how her latest project is progressing. I made a comment the other day (I think it was just yesterday) talking about how her work will “unfortunately look like the new digitized camo print”…and she commented on my comment. It makes a lady feel good! 😀

Good news—I will have new installments of the Clifton Saga up soon. I’ve got 2 written, one needs more editing, for VV’s 2 latest words in the Challenge. I’m looking forward to putting them up either Friday or some day this weekend. 🙂 Then I can print them off and give them to my mom too!

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