Finally…the internet!

Finally, we have the internet at home. And what am I doing? Sitting at COLLEGE and doing all the things I plan on doing on the computer when I get home. Or now can do at home whenever I want with my little laptop. Oh well, it’s not like I’m accepting the last gift I’ll ever be able to accept on Facebook. Or putting the last fish in my fish tank (over at Fish World). Or accepting the last neighbor for whatever game I play.

And totally blowing off any reading for at least my first class of the day. I’ve got a test in it on Tuesday. I’ve been poking at the study guide here and there. Just things I know off the top of my head, what have you. I’m going to have to borrow my daughter’s highlighter and go through my notebook with the stuff I need to know.

I’m sneezing up a storm. Not sure why. Probably another bout of some sickness.

And I’m tired. Someone stupid was up until 2am. The kids were asleep. Before midnight, at least…or close to that.

And, as a closing comment, I’ll send you to a blog with a very accurate accounting of how I feel about the whole health care reform issue. I think there are a lot of people who have neither their head nor their heart in the right place. For the majority of those on the “no reform” side, it’s either about ignorance (they have never had to worry about where the money to pay for those doctor bills is going to come from) or money. Mostly about money. Pay special attention to her bullets. 🙂 Really, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m just lucky, I’ve only been without health insurance for about 2 years of my life, maybe 3, but the quality of coverage we’ve gotten from my husband’s employer has dewindled significantly. It was one of the biggest reasons they went on strike during the contract negotiations nearly 9 years ago!

Finally figured out how to use the webcam on here. I might, sometime. We’ll see.

Later, gotta jet to class!

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