Another update…wow…

This is amazing, getting on the internet and posting twice in about a week. I’m impressed with myself.

Of course, right now it’s still from the college. There’s less than 48 hours before we get our internet turned back on. My daughter’s last day of grounding is tomorrow. I wonder if she realizes this. Seeing as how she was surly this morning, with her dad (who was snippy with her too. Hmmm…). The most I do on the internet when I get on here is playing on Facebook. Definitely an addiction. Oh well.

Classes are going just fine. We had a test in American Constitutional Law at the beginning of the month. We got those back yesterday and I did better than I thought I would. Unfortunately, between that bout of strep throat that I had and dealing with whether or not the landlord’s croonies would do their job right, I did not study for it like I wanted to. But I did okay all the same. 🙂 Time to be proud of me. I’m doing okay with the rest of my classes too: my Intro class sometimes leaves something to be desired, but such is, and my Criminal Justice Ethics class is always somewhat entertaining. The professor’s a card 🙂

I’m feeling terrible again. The Metformin isn’t helping as much as I hope it would. But I’m taking it day by day. Maybe it’s the weather—I love it when it’s rainy, and cold isn’t too bad because then you can curl up under the covers, but still…doesn’t mean I’m not affected by dark and dreary.

Looks like VV’s got the 100 Word Challenge going again. This round’s word is Lemonade. Let’s see if the Clifton’s and I can get back in the groove 😉 I’ve got to double check their past, but I think there might be something already brewing. Like the lemonade (yes, I know, you don’t really BREW lemonade, but…aw heck :-p). See, I took a minute to look up what’s on my jump drive, and an entry in the challenge is already coming out. Oh, the fun of writing, I can’t even tell you how exhilarating it is!!!

Writing, how I’ve missed you! I’m going to have to work on a haiku for Friday too…


I think that’s it. It’s nearly time for me to go home, so I can go get my kid from school soon and then get to my other class today (I’ve got to at least glance at the book!).


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