Criminal Justice degree – Day 7 – some relief is on the horizon!

Because tomorrow D goes to school! Yay! Then I won’t have to worry about T being up all day (like he has been the last 2), and I’ll be able to stay before, between and sometimes (at least MWF) after class and not worry about where she is when. 🙂

Still enjoying classes. This week starts the “real” work—we have a quiz tomorrow (in American Constitutional Law), I’m going to have to do some REAL work for Social Statistics, which is due next week but I’ve started working on tonight. The in class activities in Intro to Criminal Justice don’t really count count, because they’re…normal. Started the second day of class. Ah well. Or was it 3rd. Anyhow, no big, though I’m going to start being a whole lot better about taking notes on the reading. I thought the other day when I was doing the reading for Monday’s class that maybe I should take some notes—didn’t, and what do you know, but the very things I thought “hmm…I should be taking notes on this” was what the question was about, and he didn’t let us use our text! 😐

I finally have a cell phone. T told me on Saturday or Sunday that he’s getting me one. It’s still just a prepaid “until we get a contract” he says—when his credit history improves more. I have to say, I’m not so sure if we’re going to be buying a house now, I’ve kinda lost hope and am kinda starting to come to grips with the thought that maybe we’re going to live in this slum house for a while. I don’t like it, but I’m going to have to deal, right? I just want out though.

Anyhow, the cell is so that I can stay in contact, at the very least by text, with everyone when I’m at the college. It’s easier than talking to T over Facebook 😐

I need to turn in soon, so as soon as I’m done with editing that “Summer Reading” post to “S’More Reading”.

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